Friday, February 06, 2009



先週と今週のOMDはDJ92 & 金沢Everyday RecordのDoiさんとの放送です、。
09 /02 /07 Old mellow days
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The Paris Match / The Style Council

DJ92 part
Armegideon Time / Willie Williams
Saturday Night Styles / The Mikey Dread
Spend Somo Time / Rhythm & SOUND with Tikiman
Magic in the air / Wayne Jarrert

HI part
Boom Boom Baby / Malcom Mclaren
Get It Together / The Gol Team
Rehab / Amy Winehouse
Seventeen Years / Ratatat
Around The Bend / The Asteroidsv Galaxy Tour

09 / 02 /14 Old mellow days
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Takin' So Long/Alzo
Doi part
AREFeelin' What You Are / Peven Everett
Black House(paint white house black) /Amp Fiddler & sly & Robbie
Tow Times Two Equals Love / Eddie Harris
Skin I'm In(kay sputnik raw disco edit) / Sly & Tfs
Chopped In Skrewed / T -Pain

Need U Bad / Jazmine Sullivan
No No No (dubstep) / Dawn Penn
Changing Things / Gregory James Edition
Day Dreaming / Bill Swift Trio feat Drenda Barnett