Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Party

4/18 sat 明日は新しいイベントです。THE PARTY at MINORITY

今週のOld Mellow DaysはDJ sariとお贈りします!

back to OMD\\\\\\Ive Known Rivers / Courtney Pine

DJ sari part
ハイウェイ(Alternative Ver.) / くるり
More Than Words / Extream
Perfect / Fairground Attraction
He Wasn't There / Lily Allen
Wicked Little Town (Tommy Version) / Ben Kweller
Black (a shade of) / King Britt

HI part
Fishbones and Scaredy Cats / Terry Blair and Anouchka
It Ain't All Over'Til It's Over / Urban Blues Quartet
I'm Not In Love / Main Haruet Yancy
Who Knows What Love is ? / Strawberry Switdnbldde
Sea Song / Tears For Fears

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